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B. Veterinary Science (Hons) 
Member of  The Australian & New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists by examination (Veterinary Behaviour)
Accreditation Program for Australian Veterinarians (APAV)
Australian Accredited Veterinarian (AAV – accreditation for preparing companion animals for export)
Fear Free Professional
Member of the Australian Veterinary Association Behaviour Interest Group (AVBIG). 


Vanessa always wanted to become a vet.  Caring for companion animals has been part of her life since her very first pets; Tom the cat, and Gypsy the Maltese Terrier.  Now, many years later, she is the proud owner of Mawi, a geriatric  Cornish Rex and Bruce the poodle-cross-Bichon Frise .

Vanessa’s love of animals continued as she attended Hurlstone Agricultural high school, through to graduating with first class honours from Sydney University in 1999.  In the twenty years since, she has worked in various companion animal practices, gaining experience and developing more specific skills.

She has a particular interest in veterinary behaviour, completing a year long post graduate course in Behavioural Medicine run by Dr Kersti Seksel (registered specialist in Veterinary Behaviour).  Vanessa then sat her membership exams with
The Australian & New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in 2019 and was awarded the Robert Holme Award for outstanding effort in both written and oral components of the examination (achieving the highest marks in Australia for her subject!).  Dr Vanessa now volunteers as a mentor, helping more vets achieve this qualification. See here for more information on the Behaviour Chapter of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. 

Dr Vanessa has been treating and helping pets with behaviour problems in Sydney’s north and north west since 2017.  She has also been certified “Fear Free” (for more information on fear free veterinary care, see  This certification means Vanessa understands what your pet is communicating (eg by its body language), and uses proven techniques to make your pet feel comfortable and calm.

Dr Vanessa is also an Australian Accredited Veterinarian – which means she can help prepare your pet for export or relocation to another country.